Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your brews sweet if there is no added sugar?

Not all of our brews will taste sweet. For example, our flower based drinks (like Chrysanthemum and Rose Buds) do not have sweeteners and taste as natural as they come.

For the ones which taste sweet, they are due to natural sweeteners which come from the ingredients (like Red Dates and Longans). In cases where we believe sweetness will contribute to the overall taste of the drink, we use unprocessed Stevia leaves which have zero calories and is diabetic-friendly.

DID YOU KNOW: Monk Fruits are also a form of natural sweeteners which have zero calories and is diabetic-friendly.

Is there a minimum spend required for free delivery?

Yes, there is a minimum purchase of $30 for free delivery. An island-wide delivery fee of $3 will apply for orders below $30.

I've just placed an order, when will I receive my brews?

Your order will be delivered to you within 3 to 4 working days. Our delivery timings are from 9am to 10pm. We deliver from Monday to Sunday, excluding Public Holidays. For special delivery instructions, there will be additional fees. Please reach out to us at 91896957 if required.

Can I store my brews at room temperature?

Yes, you may store your brews at room temperature. Once opened, the drink has to be consumed within the day.

Are the health benefits for the ingredients scientifically proven?

Whilst there is limited scientific evidence to confirm the efficacy of some of these benefits, these are traditional, aged-old recipes that have been used for many years in certain cultures. In addition, there is increasing research which has started to discover links between the nutrients in these ingredients and the benefits listed.

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